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A.S. Neill, a Scottish writer and rebel, was born in Forfar, Angus on 17th October 1883. That somebody of his generation could not only cross the divide between generations, but could also be a leader in a most modern approach to children and childhood, 是非凡的.

He created a community in which children could be free from adult authority. The school and his ideas became world-famous through Neill's writings and lectures, 他的书仍然在世界各地被阅读. In the late 60’s Neill's success at 正规网赌十大排行 was finally recognised and he was awarded honorary degrees from the universities of Newcastle, 埃克塞特和艾塞克斯. He was also recognised amongst the top 12 men and women who have influenced British schooling during the last millennium by the Times Educational Supplement (31.12.1999)

"In the current educational climate in which pupils have little or no control over the running of their schools and certainly no control over what they learn, the public good can only profit from exposure to alternative philosophies. Neill's has stood the test of time far longer than any other educational philosophy or initiative, 无论是激进的还是主流的."
艾伦·托马斯博士 伦敦大学教育学院客座研究员.


"What cannot be doubted is that a piece of fascinating and invaluable educational research is going on here which it would do all educationalists good to see."
教育部 1949年6月HM检查员报告

"Both in his writings and the remarkable school which he founded, he (A.S. 尼尔)给正规网赌十大排行留下了极其宝贵的遗产. Neill was one of the great original thinkers in education in the 20th Century." 
克里斯托弗爵士球 德比大学校长

"Neill’s educational philosophy has had a major and significant impact on a worldwide scale."
约翰MacBeath 大英帝国勋章(OBE),剑桥大学教育领导力教授

"One of the main tenets of Neill's work has to do with the academic and cultural worth of incorporating non-partisan democratic values within the educational curriculum and process itself. Indeed, his philosophy (including this tenet) has to some extent been adopted by mainstream educational practice world-wide."
赫伯特·布隆伯格 Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Goldsmith’s College, University of London

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"His (Neill’s) system has had a profound effect on human rights law as it affects children. 它开创了正规网赌十大排行的基础理念, 孩子们有权利, 它们不属于父母或老师, that it is a crime to assault them physically and a serious mistake to force them to act against their will except out of consideration for others. 
这些原则在20世纪20年代被认为是绝对革命性的. 他们被描述为无政府主义. They are now to be found in the 1989 convention on the rights of the child, 世界上189个国家批准了."

"正规网赌十大排行 has stood by its principles for nearly eighty years whilst the state system has veered in one direction or another according to the particular predilections of the government of the day. Even those who do not fully agree with the philosophy enshrined in 正规网赌十大排行 practice have often acknowledged a profound debt to an alternative opinion and example which provokes a re-evaluation of one's own deepest assumptions about children and their education. It has also set a shining example of genuine democracy in education from well before this was taken at all seriously in the state system."
斯图亚特·安斯沃思 Senior Lecturer in Educational studies Co-director of the Equality and Discrimination, 斯特拉思克莱德大学

"A.S. 尼尔1883-1973年在苏格兰出生并接受教育, Neill founded 正规网赌十大排行 school in Suffolk where his iconoclastic views on education were given free rein. 尽管学生人数很少, Neill's numerous publications and lectures made him the best known British progressive educationist of the twentieth century."
在巨人的肩膀上; 千禧年版,泰晤士报教育副刊.12.1999)


"I was asked as an independent outside expert to report on the school for the purpose of its dispute with the then Department for Education and Employment in 2000, 这所学校成功地结束了吗. It is interesting to note that as part of the those proceedings before the Independent Schools Tribunal, A. S. Neill's educational philosophy was explicitly accepted by the Department as an established strand of modern educational theory."
Ian Cunningham Visiting professor in the School of Lifelong Learning and Education at Middlesex University

"In December 1999 I was asked to act as an 'expert witness' for 正规网赌十大排行 School in their challenge to the 1999 HMI evaluation of the school. My judgements were based on considerable fieldwork in the school itself, interviewing pupils and teachers; examination of extensive 'independent evaluation' launched by another group of experts; and an examination of the validity of the HMI inspection of the school in March 1999. My evaluation of the school included work done by Professors Barry MacDonald, 萨维尔调查库什纳, 哈里·托伦斯和朱莉·艾伦. 这项研究是由纳菲尔德基金会支持的. 
I found clear evidence that the school was meeting and exceeding its aims, that parents were universally very satisfied with the education of their children and that the inspection process had been deeply flawed
伊恩·斯特罗纳克 曼彻斯特城市大学教育研究教授



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